Welcome 15%ers – You’ve Landed at Mollypixie

Did you come here before the end of my Brandweek article? You may be a 10%er. At the end? That’s great too. The fact is you’re curious and you care to know more. That qualifies you as the kind of person I want to communicate with on an ongoing basis. I’m Charlie Jones, President of Brand Intersection Group and you’ve just landed at my blog.

If you need help identifying, training or becoming a 15%er look for me at brandintersection.com

I’ve had friends, clients and students ask me to share more ideas, thinking, and experience online for years. I welcome a dialogue with kindred spirits that care about culture, human behavior, innovation, the best attributes of marketing, and making a difference.

Just look for Mollypixie in the weeks to come and we’ll keep in touch. In the mean time stay hungry and curious.



2 responses to “Welcome 15%ers – You’ve Landed at Mollypixie

  1. It’s about time you got out here.

  2. Charlie, are you a real person? Or are you sort of like that Tom guy on myspace.

    Anyway, I enjoyed the Brandweek article. Modestly proclaiming myself a 14%er, at least.

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